Marketing Strategy

How does the travel agencies/companies get customers?

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Expedia Marketing Strategy (Chris Farago)

  • had an increase in a mix of advertising and media revenue and cost reductions from various efficiency initiatives.
  •'s lodging customers created over 50,000 hotel reviews of actual paid stays in just seven months. Expedia is using more word of mouth and customer reviews for marketing and advertising to keep advertising costs down.
  • Expedia's Platinum Marketing Program guarantees that travelers booking on will have access to the same low rates available anywhere else, including a car rental company's own web site. In addition, there are specific guarantees of excellent customer care and special offers for Expedia customers.
  • teamed up with the National Football League in a multi-year sponsorship agreement. As the Official Travel Sponsor of the NFL, offers year-round travel incentives to nearly 170 million NFL fans as well as unique packages and sweepstakes for marquee events like the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl.

*Expedia's Investor Relations News Release

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