Future Developments

Future Developments (Sean Gottschalk)

What’s happening now?

As of right now, travel and tourism is bringing in $1.6 billion in the United States. For local, state and federal governments, $110 billion is generated in tax revenue. Without this tax revenue from the travel industry, households would be paying a much larger amount then they already pay. $995 would be paid more in taxes. The travel industry holds the largest amount of employers bringing in 7.5 million jobs. If you total the amount of people that live in Dallas, Detroit, Denver and Orlando, which is the amount of people that could be booked in a hotel room per day, you come to approximately 2.8 million roomnights sold everyday in the United States.

To existing companies/new companies?

For new companies, sales look promising with expectation of growth to bottom out.

What emerging new ways are there to use the internet in this industry?

As the internet in the travel industry gradually gains ground, it can offer direct and interactive communication with final customers. This allows for more targeted distribution of information at a lower cost. The internet for the travel industry can report customers with a rich source of information and opportunity to choose and plan there activities. This could contain business trips, or even holidays. This makes it very easy to integrate customer information costs by passing certain low value added tasks.

Who will be the winners and losers?

In this industry everybody is a winner. There are huge advantages to the business’s as well as the customers. E-business is accounted 5% less of their total revenue base for online sales of the travel industry. Customers receive a large variety of choices to choose a complete comfortable trip. The internet can play a great role for this industry and pull in greater revenues for which ever business is targeted, as well as an affordable cost for a customer shopping for they’re needs.

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