Competitive Strategy

What's the travel websites plan to stay profitable?

Established Competitors

Expedia Competitive Strategy (Chris Farago)

  • created an exclusive partnership with Sam’s Club.
  • more than 47 million Sam's Club Members can access the Expedia-powered booking tools, travel content, and vacation packages, flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises and in-destination activities, attractions and services.
  • Has strategic partnership with MSN. The agreement maintains Expedia’s presence as the provider of travel shopping on
  • Expedia, Inc. continues to add hotel properties to the company's various points of sale
  •'s Cruise Price Guarantee assures customers booking a cruise that they will pay the lowest price for their cruise, or Expedia will match the competing price and provide a $50 certificate redeemable online for gift certificates from hundreds of stores, theatres and restaurants.

*Expedia's Investor Relations News Releases

Up-And-Coming Competitors

New ideas in the travel industry are always forming. is presently an up-and-coming company that is supposed to change the online travel game. InsideTrip supplies customers with ratings of everything in the flight experience. InsideTrip gives you what they call "12 Pain Points" which pretty much gives you an overview of your experience and gives you what you can expect. InsideTrip gives rating from 1 to 100 on the airports customer reports and gives you the best ratings in the first search results. The website will give you how much legroom in the seats there is, how often the flight time is, how big the aircraft is, how crowded the aircraft is, lets you know if you have to walk to the connection flight or go through the airport and even gives you the average time it takes to walk through security checkpoints. Other companies such as lets travelers view flights graphically to see which ones have stopovers and points out long layovers or tight connections in a “warnings” column. and give you information in order to cross-reference airfare information but InsideTrip is supposed to turn the corner on the business as they are the only website to offer all the information in one cohesive site.

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